Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Crexent Business Centers recently hosted the first Crexent Round Table Discussion at the company’s Jacksonville site, Quadrant Commons. Guest speakers Margot Finley-Aguilera of Avondale Search International and Lois Pearce of Pearce & Associates led a presentation titled, “10 Questions to Ponder for Driving Revenue in 2009.” The event was well received and the first of many Crexent Round Table Discussions to come.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Q & A with The Crexent

Q: What is The Crexent Business Center?

A: The Crexent Business Center has provided Class “A” office space in South Florida since 2002. We provide several office programs including Executive and Corporate Suite Programs plus Virtual Office Packages.

Q: I’ve heard the term Executive Suites before but what is an Executive Suite at The Crexent Business Center?

A: An Executive Suite at The Crexent Business Centers provides Clients with the use of a fully furnished office which includes a receptionist answering your phone calls with your custom greeting. The use of conference rooms, a fitness gym, free parking, 24/7/365 day access, state of the art telecom system, janitorial service and free Coffee. All for a fraction of the cost a regular office and the additional costs associated with them. Also the term of our agreements are short term, so the usual liability associated with the opening a traditional office which normally require a three or five year agreement.

Q: What is a Corporate Suite?

A: They are normally suites larger then our Executive Suites, usually around 300 to 2,000 square feet. These suites are full service meaning they include electric and all traditional charges such as common area maintenance fees. They do not include the same services we provide in our executive suites. They are geared to a more traditional office space clients but provide added flexibility with our short term agreements.

Q: Virtual Office sounds a little strange can you explain?

A: These are packages for clients who don’t need a full time office but require a business address to impress. The packages start at providing a business address and receiving mail and packages for the clients. To answering their phone calls and sending them directly to voice mail for remote access or to the client home or cell phone. We also offer packages with Conference Room and Part time office use.

Q: All these programs and packages sound great, what program or package would you suggest to our readers here in Mexico?

A: Depending on their needs I believe we have very attractive packages for your readers. If you’re trying to expand your business and want a business presence in South Florida, I would suggest a virtual office at first. If you want a satellite office from the start an Executive Suite might be a better solution? Fully operational office with the flexibility to expand to a larger office as your business grows. We believe we have your office space solutions for just about everyone, just visit our website today or call our Mexico Specialist Marisol Rivas at (305) 777-3805 (US).

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Slam Jam 2009

Stuart -- Martin County Parks and Recreation Project Northland, Teen Advisory Committee (T.A.B.) and the Children's Services Council are partnering with the City of Stuart and the Crexent Business Center hosted this Key West-themed Summer Slam Jam 2009. Summer Slam Jam is a diverse event consisting of local profit and non-profit vendors and crafters, games and rides, a free snack shack, local entertainment and demonstrations in the band shell, as well as the concert on the main stage. "Project Northland was brought to Martin County eight years ago due to the high percentage of drug and alcohol use among teenagers. In 2002, our county was leading the state in teenage alcohol consumption and second for Marijuana. Events like Summer Slam Jam that promote healthy and safe recreation for teens, are important to the community”, and explains Darcy Von Ohlen, Prevention Coordinator for Project Northland.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chinese Drywall Green Technology Remediation Protocol Discussion Meeting

According to estimates by the Sarasota Herald Tribune, the amount of Chinese drywall brought into Florida in 2006 alone would be enough to build 35,000 homes. If you consider the shipments of Chinese drywall that came in since 2000, the total amount of homes and homeowners affected could well be over 100,000. Chinese drywall has been reported in over 16 states – what we are experiencing in Florida is only the tip of the iceberg and the financial and medical impacts of tainted Chinese drywall could be catastrophic not only to individual homeowners including young families and seniors, but to the recovering housing market overall.

Many of these families are ready to get their lives back together but need some sort of remediation protocol that would take away the stigma of a “tainted” house.You are invited to a meeting of design, engineering and construction professionals who are interested in discussing the use of Green or Leed remodeling programs to create that protocol for remediation.

Join us on Tuesday, July 7th for a discussion on current green remodeling programs and how they can be used or adapted to provide affected homeowners and their contractors a practical and measureable construction protocol for not only restoring their home but possibly making them even more valuable in the future. We will review what we currently know about Chinese drywall as well as current LEED and Florida Home Builders Green remodeling programs. We will discuss the feasibility and challenges of putting together a volunteer based task force of professionals dedicated to pursuing a strategy for helping these homeowners in distress.

Crexent Office Buildings has graciously lent us a room for our meeting. However, there is limited seating and if you are interested in participating in this meeting I need you to RSVP as soon as possible.

Register now by email: Karen Scott at Karen@Asset-A-M.com Limited Seating Available so register early – Call 407-256-7981 for more information